At T AND S DVBE, we are committed to the safety of road construction workers and motorists alike. No road construction project can be completed without the proper signage and equipment to direct traffic, powerful lighting that enables construction to take place during lower-traffic volumes, crash cushions that reduce impact and damage if collisions occur, and more. When you’re working on the road, you need the right equipment to do your job. And sometimes, it makes more sense to rent it than to purchase it. We offer a wide range of traffic safety equipment and construction supplies for rent:

  • Concrete Washouts
  • CMS Boards
  • Arrow Boards
  • Light Towers
  • Barrier Lifters (KL12000)
  • Radar Trailers
  • Attenuator Trucks (Crash Trucks)
  • TL3 Crash Sleds (Temporary Crash Cushions)
  • Signs, Stands, Cones, Barricades, Delineators, & Misc. Small Equipment
  • Portable Rumble Strips

Temporary Portable Traffic Signal Rentals

Our traffic signals are the only current product approved for use on Caltrans projects. They include backup generators and automatic traffic sensors. Luminaires can be included for lighting the stop bars or signage.

Mobile Stop Light with Truck

Mobile Stop Light Rental